Happy Halloween

Most Chileheads know that the Naga Morich is a scary pepper. But how about these fearsome creations recently posted by Sixsprings and Woody on the Chillis Galore Forum. Excellent work guys!!

theChileman Collection 2006

All chile peppers are long, thin, red and blisteringly hot right? Well you could not be further from the truth. Chile peppers are one of the most diverse fruit species you can grow with pods coming in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes. With so much choice and thousand of different varieties to grow, no wonder chile growing is so addictive!!!!!

Heres a picture of my 'collection' for this year.

For more examples of the many weird and wonderful pods you can grow, check out our pod variation page or the 3500+ images in the chileman database

September - Seed Saving

Chile plants are fantastic!! Not only do these glorious plants produce a fabulous range of chile peppers, which come in all sorts of shapes & sizes, if harvested correctly, the seeds can provide you with 'free' plants from your favourite varieties for years to come.

5 quick steps to successful seed saving:

1. Always Wear Gloves - when handling chilli pods to avoid 'Jalapeno eye' or even worse Hunan hand!

2. Select only healthy and fully ripened pods - Avoid saving seeds from diseased plants, diseased pods, or pods which have softened with rot or are moldy. Some diseases/viruses can be passed down to the next generation of plants in the seed.

3. Isolate your plants to avoid cross pollination - Chile plants are promiscuous and cross pollinate readily with other varieties, particularly those of the same specie. You will need to isolate your plants if you want to guarantee seed which is 'true to type' (ie if the seeds are to produce new plants the same as their parent)

4. Dry your seeds throughly - The proper drying of seeds is essential if you want your seeds to last and ensure future plants are healthy. Excess moisture retained in the seed encourages life and the seeds will either slowly lose nutrients and vigour until they die, or simply rot.

5. Store your seeds correctly and label them - seeds stored correctly can maintain their vitality for many years.

For a more detailed guide to saving chile seeds check out the chileman guide here

A Big Thank You to Eureka Foods

Thank you to the guys at Eureka foods for letting us have a sneak preview of your fantastic hot sauces - the Asias Finest in particular is absolutely gorgeous. I must also thank my friend 'Sixsprings' from the chillis galore forum for sending me a jar of his home made chilli 'piccadilly' chuntney - a simply delicious addition to liven up even the dullest ham sandwich.

Thechileman is always keen to 'test his tastebuds' on some of the finer chile products on the market. If you would like to feature your products in our hot sauces guide or are willing to divulge your secret recipie for inclusion in our recipes section (which is coming soon), contact us at thechileman@hotmail.co.uk

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