The 2006 Chilli Growing Champion

A big congratulations to Luigi Mauriello, the winner of the inaugural chilli growing competition. Italian Luigi's 31cm long Whippets Tail pepper just pipped Canadian Derek Bureau to title be a meagre 2mm!!

Luigi takes home the trophy as well as the 'Mild to Wild' and 'Hottest in the World' seed collections. As a reward for Dereks valiant effort and fantastic sportsmanship shown throughout the competition, he wins a limited edition teeshirt and some 'chileman original' Naga Morich seeds - the worlds hottest pepper.

Registrations are already being processed for the 2007 competiton - The Big Jim Challenge. Click here for further details.

The 2007 Chile Growing Competition!!

Following on from the huge success of 'The Whippets Tail Challenge', Im delighted to announce our new fun chile growing competition for 2007, the Big Jim Challenge - Guinness World Record attempt!

The Numex 'Big Jim' is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the producer of the largest Chile pods ever grown. The current world record is a gigantic 13.5 inches!!.

Do you have a secret soil mixture which you think could propel you into the Guinness Book of Records? Do you enjoy the banter of a friendly competition? Would you like to represent your Country & take on the Brits, Finlanders, Canadians & Italians etc ?

If so, why don't you enter our free competition and who knows you may be the winner of the 2007 Chileman Trophy or one of our fantastic runners up prizes.

Even if you don't win, you'll have good fun growing these big beauties which are also excellent for making Chile Ristas as well as delicious Chile Rellenos.

Check out for further information

Naga Morich - It appears they really are the worlds hottest pepper!

The Naga Morich Pepper has become synomous with thechileman site after we questioned whether the Red Savina Habanero really was the worlds hottest pepper as claimed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

We have grown both varieties for a number of years and although your taste buds can tell you one thing (they say - 'I want to die' when you eat even the smallest slither of a Naga Morich), without any scientific analysis is impossible to provide firm evidence to convince the many sceptics.

As we did't have the scientifc background, nor the sophisticated equipment to test whether the Naga Morich really is as hot as our taste buds were telling us, earlier in the year we decided to send some of our seeds to two of the world renowned pepper experts - Dr Paul Bosland of the New Mexico State Universities Chile Pepper Institute and Dave Dewitt, the self claimed pope of peppers.

Well they have investigated & tested several sources of Naga seeds and their conclusions have finally been released.

In summary, it appears our tastebuds really weren't lying with the Naga's they tested registering a mind blowing
1,001,304 SHU, 4 times hotter than the Red Savinas they also tested. Now thats scary!!!! Check out the full reports on the links below:

By the way, we have no intention of filing 'our Nagas' under the Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Act in an attempt to prevent chileheads around the world from legally obtaining original seeds. Indeed, we are keen to support good quality seeds companys would can distribute seeds to enthusiasts so that they can grow them out themselves. Check out our Naga Morich page for details or where we recommend you buy your Naga Morich, Bhut seeds & Bih Jolokia seeds

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