Two sauces to die for

Ive tasted some fantastic hot chilli based pickles, oils and sauces in my time but recently I stumbled across a new range of products sold by a Brighton Food Company - Chillipepperpete.

Im not normally one for writing sauce reviews but after purchasing a number of his sauces, I just had to tell you more about two of them inparticular.

The first ones called 'Nagabih Tarkari' which claims to be 'the worlds hottest curry sauce'. Ive eaten more Naga Morich & Bih Jolokia chillis (the worlds hottest chillis) than you can shake a stick at and this is the first Bih Jolokia based sauce I have come across, which is what initially caught my attention.

The 'active ingredient' is the Bih Jolokia chilli from Assam India with a infusion of tomotoes, carrots, courgettes, peas, pumpkin and even cabbage thrown in for good measure. With this blend of vegetables I must say I was a bit sceptical but boy was I wrong. This is one of best sauces Ive ever taste - it an absolute dream and even gives Katos Island Sauce a run for its money. Despite being spicy, rather than blow your head off, the intense flavour just overwhelms your taste buds. I particularly like the seet pumpkin undertones (mental note: I must use Pumpkins in my next batch of homemade sauce). Add a couple of tablespoons of this sauce to any bland ready meal supermarket curry and even they can be transformed into something special.

The second one is called 'Dragons Blood' another Bih Jolokia based sauce which almost glows in the bottle. More runny then Naga Tarkari, you just need to look at its ruby red colour and you know this is a serious bad boy. My only complaint with this one is that its just too hot! I dabbed just a pea sized dollop on my finger and I though my tongue was going to explode. I spent the the next half an hour swilling milk around my mouth whilst tending to my streaming nose. I think the tame picture of the dragon needs to be replaced with a toxic chemical symbol. A bottle of this size should last even the most sadasitic chilli head an age. If you like eating raw Naga Morich or Bih Jolokia pods for a laugh, this sauce is a must!

You can find more details of Chillipepperpete's products here:

PS I will not be held responsible for any damage you do to yourself!

12 Steps to Pepper Heaven!!

Most of the regulars visitors to this blog will already be aware of a free chile information site we have been developing. However if you have'nt come across the chileman before and fancy growing something a little different from boring old Potatoes & Tomatoes this year, why not have a look at our 12 steps to Pepper Growing Heaven:

1. Not sure what to grow? Check out our quick guides to the chile pepper species and the many wierd and wonderful pods available:

2. Still can't decide? Search the Chileman Pepper Database. We have information and pictures
on nearly 4000 varieties (in 10 languages)!!

3. A Beginners Guide to growing chiles:

4. How to get started start & germinate those seeds:

5. Growing them on, feeding & fertilising:

6. Fighting Pests & Diseases:

7. How to harvesting & save seeds for future years:

8. Fancy a place in the Guiness Book of World Records? Why not enter our fun growing
- the Big Jim Challenge:

9. Create your own growing list & see what others across the world are growing this year:

10. Learn about the Hottest Chiles on Earth!

11.......and what makes them so hot

12. Bored with growing your plants in soil? Why not try Hydroponics?

and much much more.

Remember this is your site built for your enjoyment. Hope you like it and think this project is worthwhile.

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