Some of my favorite Chilli varieties this year

Here is a few photos of some of my favorites varieites from this year .

September Update

Its been quite a while since I lasted posted. For starters, Ive been busy organising my wedding and making Naga snakebite! In addition the weather has been so poor this summer that most of my plants, particularly the Chinese varities including my 7 pod, Trinidad Scorpions and Fatalli's have barely set fruit! Even the chinense plants I over wintered from last year have struggled in the wet misable weather.Thankfully Ive had a bit more joy with the many annums ive been growing this year particularly my Jalapenos and a number of ornamental varirties: Black Pearl, Spectral, Brazilian Rainbow, Vietnamese and Black Scorpion tongue.

Anyway heres some photos taken in the chilehouse this morning. It normally looks like this in June! Im just praying we have an indian summer.

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