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Regular visitors to site will already be aware of a FREE chile information site we have been developing. In our unbiased opinion, its the best on the Internet Laughing

However if you have'nt come across before and what some information on all things chile peppers, check out our 12 Steps to Pepper Heaven!!

1. From surfing this forum you will see there are literally hundreds of varieties you can grow. Not sure what to grow? Check out our quick guides to the chile pepper species and the many weird and wonderful pods available:

2. Still can't decide? Search the Chileman Pepper Database. We have detailed information and pictures on nearly 4000 varieties (in 10 languages)!!

3. Weve put together a beginners guide to help new growers on there way:

4. For a more detailed guide on how best to germinate those seeds check out this guide:

5. To keep you rplants nice and healthy you need to feed them. Here is a guide on the many natural fertilisers available

6. At some point your little darlings are likely to be attacked by the many nasty Pests & Diseases out there. Heres the chillemans 'first aid kit'

7. At the end of the season you may want to save seeds fron haversted pods for future years. We tell you how here:

8. 'Overwintering' your plants is a great way to kick start Year 2 and many Chinenses produce much higher yields in there second and third years. You can find hits and tips here:

9. Bored with growing your plants in soil? Why not try Hydroponics (growing them in solution)?

10. Create your own growing list to keep track of your crop & see what others across the world are growing this year:

11. A don't forgot our FREE growing competiton. There are many prizes and a champions trophy to be won:

12. There are many many more guides available to help you get the most out of this growing season.

Remember is your site built for your enjoyment. We are hobbists just like you, we both have day jobs!!! We hope you like the site and think this project is worthwhile.

All the best

Mark (on behalf of)

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