Two New Naga Snake Bite Chilli Sauces Available!

For those of you that enjoyed our Original Recipe (Naga Snakebite Extreme) and our even hotter 'Private Reserve' chilli sauces we bring you some good news, the ultimate Naga Morich based chilli sauces are now available here.

- 6.4m SHU Collectors Edition

Whats it like?:

If your looking for a sauce to give to your mates 'who can eat anything', get the pints in an look no further......

The label says 'it like drinking cobra venom' but our victims and insurance company would say thats an understatement!! Imagine peeling all the skin off your lips, then drinking a cup of scaulding hot oil before enduring the longest burrrrrrrrn of your life. With each 5oz bottle crammed full of the hottest peppers on the planet and a 6.4m SHU extract for good measure, not even their tears will cool them down!! .

Health Warning

This sauce is nearly
2000 times hotter than Tabasco sauce (or 200 times hotter than a typical Vindaloo curry) and is made with a complex blend of the worlds hottest peppers and extracts. This product is not like a normal chilli sauce. it should be treated as an 'extreme' food additive and used as such. Furthermore, you the prospective purchaser hereby release from all liability whatsover with respect to damage or claims of injury resulting from the misuse or over consumption of this product. You must keep this product out of reach of children and animals and should avoid it if you have respiratory problems or prior knowledge of a heart condition.
How Exclusive is it?:

Unfortunately due to fumes from making it, the rarety of fresh Naga Morich Peppers and a last minute transportation disaster, there are only 30 bottles available. Each bottle is fully pasterised with a use by date of 20th June 2009.

Forget about Blair, Daves Insanity Sauce and Mad Dog. This rare sauce will be an absolute legend!!


Whats it like?:

Our new and improved 'Private Reserve' recipe is even hotter than the original and has been thinned out so thats it got a much smoother consistancy and is easier to pour whilst maintaining its unique taste.
At over 1m SHU its 'milder' than Pre Venom but still extremely hot as our reviewers will testify:

300 times hotter than a Jalapeno chilli'
The Daily Star (UK National Newspaper)

'This Sauce produces a euphoric bliss...the heat just kept pounding me'
The Hot Zone Online (No 1 Sauce review site on the Net)

ITV News Reporter (after sampling Snakebite live on UK National Televison)

'The flavour is fantastic with these little bottles of pain delivering 54 minutes of burning'
The Hot Sauce Blog (Top US Sauce review site)

'It felt like Chewing white hot coals'
The Northern Echo Newspaper

'This Stuff is Awesome'
EBAY Buyer

BE AFFRAID, BE VERY AFFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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