Probably the 'Hottest' You Tube video ever posted

What happens when you mix one of the worlds hottest chilli sauces with a mad chilli loving Australian 'who can eat anything'?

Click here to watch the hilareous results!!

Naga Snake Bite 'Pure Venom' - The Reviews are in!!

Well its now nearly two weeks since we launched our new and stupidly hot Naga Snake Bite 'Pure Venom' Chilli sauce and the rave reviews are starting to roll in thick and fast. Here are a couple of my favorites:

theHot - The No 1 US Pepper forum
'The naga flavor, of course, is huge, and the burn is crazy. After about a minute my throat is just in flames, but strangely my mouth is ok. Exhaling hurts my throat, and I’ve got just a thin sheen of sweat on the sides of my nose by my eyes. This is the point where glasses get foggy' :lol: :lol: :lol:' - One of the US Top Hot Sauce sites!
'Its a creeping heat and it actually made my gums hurt. Yes folks, that is a first for me, and I’v''e had a lot of extract sauces....... it’s a staggeringly good sauce!'

This is why I love making super hot sauces. I definately have an evil streak in me!! Ypu can find more information and reviews of these devilishly hot but tasty sauces here:

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